If your project requires development and engineering, IDEAS can assist you with the initial start of the engineering process or with a continuing transition for design and engineering that you've already started. Either way, we manage this critical process with keen attention to detail, all the way through to an approved prototype.

It's interesting to note that throughout the Asian Pacific Rim there has been a phenomenal advancement in the level of sophisticated engineering resources and services available to the global market. More and more stand alone, high quality, engineering firms are coming into existence within this region, as well as many major manufacturers employing high caliber engineering teams on staff. From mechanical engineering to development of embedded systems, we have access to virtually every existing engineering discipline.

IDEAS works very carefully to identify just the right type of engineering team that is best suited for a clients' project and specific design needs. In many cases we've found that an approved manufacturer has the engineering capacity on staff to successfully handle a wide range of design and development work for our clients. This arrangement typically nets out to be a more affordable option and offers substantial cost savings for this phase.

IDEAS will source the most strategic fit for your design and engineering needs.
Both domestic services or overseas are available.

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