The cost of final assembly is a critical component for any company to stay competitive in today's global economy. Outsourced overseas assembly in countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam and India can yield tremendous cost reduction advantages. But, the biggest challenge any company faces when considering overseas outsourced assembly is identifying highly reliable, legitimate sources for assembly. Not to mention the issue of having a process in place to maintain high quality control standards and effective communication with the supplier.

Working with IDEAS you can be confident we'll handle all the necessary leg work and due diligence to identify the best fit for your product volumes, production time frames and budget when in comes to outsourced assembly:

The IDEAS Advantage

  • Extensive In-Country Experience (China & Asian Pacific Rim)
  • No brokers, we deal regularly and directly with manufacturers
  • Certified Government Licensed Industrial Operations
  • Regular In-Country visits for quality control, factory tours, identify new sources
  • We understand the culture, we understand the process

Your project is only taken serious if you're on the factory floor.
IDEAS is there with in-country staff.

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